Please clean my bathroom…


A tidy bathroom on minimal fuss is possible.

All you need is:
•A clean dry washer
•A commitment to a few seconds of your time after your shower or bath

The washer
I keep a washer on my bench, neatly folded. After each time I clean my teeth or do anything at the sink, I reach for my washer and quickly wipe over the bench and taps. When you remove the water build up, you remove the chance for staining and mould build up – 20 seconds tops.

After I shower, I keep the shower door adjar slightly. This allows the steam to escape and slows down mould build up.

After the kids have their bath, I neatly stack up the bath toys, and grab that washer to quickly wipe around the bath and soak up that nasty splash water that makes the bath and floor look messy. An investment of 30 or 40 seconds of your time.

If you are really keen, invest in a squeegee that is stored in the shower. Give your shower a quick wipe down with a squeegee after each shower.

These few tips will keep your bathroom sparkly clean and fresh on a daily basis.