Clever Covers

Switching up bedding can be costly, but there are easy ways to give your bed a new look without purchasing all new goods. If you have a colorful duvet, try folding it back to expose a solid blanket underneath. You can also break up the pattern by adding a neatly folded solid blanket at the foot of your bed. If you are in the market for a new duvet or coverlet, I recommend purchasing a neutral tone; it will have greater longevity and work with a wider choice of accessories. When you’re accessorizing your bedding, consider using one long pillow for a cleaner look, instead of using many pillows. Find one that has a great pattern or a vibrant color so the pillow pops off the neutral background. Making the bed isn’t such a chore when there is only one accent pillow to place. Purchase a few different pillow shams and give your room a mini-makeover once a month by switching them out.