DIY make over tips on a budget

When you think about your bedroom, what comes to mind? Is it a serene oasis, a place where you can escape and relax after a hectic day? Or is a jumbled mess of clothes, generic posters, and boring furniture?

Of all the areas in the home, the bedroom is usually the room that gets the least amount of attention. After all, guests rarely set foot there and most of your own time there is spent sleeping.

So in many homes, the bedroom is the most lacklustre and disorganized room in the house. However, it should be the most inviting. The bedroom is where you go to relax and recharge. When the room is clean, organized, and full of things you love, you’re more likely to enjoy the time you spend there.

If you’re ready to overhaul your bedroom, and you’re on a tight budget, consider some of these creative ideas to help get you started.

Interior Design Ideas for the Bedroom

1. Repaint

First, you’re going to want to put on a fresh coat of paint. Don’t underestimate what a new colour can do to change how you feel about a room.

living room

When choosing a paint colour for your bedroom, first consider how certain colours make you feel.

If you want your bedroom to feel sexy and intimate, then choose a red or purple shade as a feature wall, since those colours often add energy and a romantic atmosphere to a space. Green is great for feeling calm and tranquil and for creating a nurturing environment. If you want to feel energized in your bedroom, then go with a yellow or orange colour.

2. Find Great Art

Do you have any art hanging up in your bedroom? Many people don’t, but adding art that’s meaningful to you is a wonderful way to add character to your bedroom.


The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy contemporary fine art on a budget.

You can also get great art by visiting art schools. Many schools, at the end of every semester, put on a student show. Much of the time, the students will put their art up for sale at very reasonable prices. This can be a wonderful way to not only find beautiful pieces for your bedroom, but to support emerging artists as well.

Another cheap art idea is to buy a blank canvas. In nice cursive writing, display your favourite quotes or passages from your favourite book.

3. Go DIY with Furniture

If you can’t afford a whole new bedroom set, why not be frugal and eco-friendly and buy used pieces?

Thrift stores are wonderful places to scour for and buy used, second hand furniture. I’ve found some incredible pieces at my local Salvation Army, and paid next to nothing to get them.

Don’t worry about the paint or finish when you’re looking at chairs, tables, and bureaus. Remember, these items can always be repainted or restained. Knobs and drawer handles can be replaced with new or vintage pieces.

Remember, your personal touch always makes your furniture far more interesting anyway!

4. Get Creative with Accessories

Don’t think you have to head down to IKEA to buy a vase that a million other people have. Get creative!

Try a vintage coffee can from the ’50s to hold fresh flowers. The ugly lamp at a thrift store? Chuck a lovely, cheap silk scarf to drape over it; you can’t even see the hideous lamp shade anymore.

5. Redo Your Headboard

Does your bed’s headboard make you snooze? There are some amazing ways to transform your headboard without spending a lot of money, especially if you use items you find, or that have been laying around the house.


For example, why not use an old door? Chop off the ends, sand it down, restain or repaint it, and lay it on its side. You now have an awesome, completely unique headboard with loads of character.

You could also cover your current headboard in fabric. Put some quilt batting underneath, and then staple both the batting and the fabric right into the wood. In the middle, create three “rows” using tacks. This will help secure the middle of the batting and fabric, as well as create some visual interest.

You could also use wrought iron fencing, short wooden fencing, plywood covered with cedar panelling, or even several old mirrors to create a headboard. You’re only limited by your own imagination here.

More Bedroom Design Tips

1.If you want your bedroom to be truly relaxing, keep the TV out. Feng Shui experts claim that having a TV in your bedroom is one of the worst things you can do. Why? Because you’re tempted to watch TV late, and late night TV watching has been proven to cause you to stay awake longer, and negatively impact your sleep.

2.If your bedroom ends up catching clutter from the entire house, focus on organizing your space first. Use under-bed storage bins, and make sure your night stands have adequate storage so that countertops stay clear.

3.If you have scarves or fabric that go with the colour of your walls, use these to hide ugly dressers and night stands. Simply drape the fabric on the countertops and let them hang off the sides.

4.You can make a creative statement by hanging clothes on your wall instead of in your closet. Buy some pipe from Home Depot and bolt it to the wall; you’ll have a super cool industrial clothes rack to display your more interesting pieces.

5.If you have a ton of posters you love, don’t clutter all the walls hanging them up. Make more of an impact by grouping them all together on one wall, making it look almost like wallpaper. This works especially well with vintage posters, graphic design pieces, and old movie posters. You can also do this with record albums.

7.Adding plants to your bedroom is another way to add some life and personality. Plants are also beneficial because they add humidity, in addition to cleansing the air. Consider purchasing some inexpensive shelving (e.g. IKEA’s LACK shelves are colourful, easy to hang, and a complete bargain for just $10). Plants look wonderful on high shelves!

8.Buy two flat sheets and sew them together. Then, splurge on a colourful throw to add some personality to your bed.

9.Many people like hanging pictures of their family in the bedroom. Think twice before you do this. Your bedroom is meant to be a private space for you and your spouse or partner. Having pictures of your family everywhere can, even subconsciously, make you feel uncomfortable.

10.Scour flea markets and garage sales for fabulous, unique accessories. These are great places to pick up lamps, candles and unique knick knacks that help tell your personal story.

11.Vintage, hard case suitcases make interesting side tables when you stack them on top of each other. You can also do this with large, thick books.

12.Old, vintage doors make great accent pieces when leaned against the wall. Paint them a cheery colour, and let your imagination go to work! You can hang nails or small hooks in the door to hold jewellery or purses.