How is your master bedroom looking

The master bedroom should be a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, but for most people, it remains the most neglected room in the house. Ready to show your bedroom a little love?

To the Left, to the Left…

First, examine your room’s layout. By moving the furniture, you can give your room a new, fresh look. Most bedrooms have more than one wall that the bed can be placed against. You’ll find waking up to a new view quite rejuvenating.

Make It Pop with Color and Fabric

Painting is the quickest, easiest and most affordable bedroom decorating makeover technique. You can make this a fun project by throwing a painting party for friends. Ply them with treats and play good music while you paint. I love the effect of painting the wall behind my bed as an accent instead of painting the entire room. Not only does this save money and time, but it also provides instant gratification and gives the space a whole new look. If painting isn’t for you, fabric just might do the trick. My secret weapon is PVC pipe. PVC pipe can be found at your local hardware store and is great because it is so inexpensive and comes in long lengths. Gather gorgeous store-bought panels on the PVC, and secure the piping to the wall with window-treatment hardware made for wooden dowels. You’ll love the color and texture that draping adds to a bedroom