My deconstructed Cheesecake

cheesecake with date and nut crumble topping

Here is my gorgeous deconstructed cheesecake.  Whilst I love the biscuit crumb on a cheesecake, sometimes the fattiness of the base and filling combined can really be taking things to far.  So I’ve come up with an alternative.

This is DELICIOUS and never fails to work out perfectly every time.  The base consists of the combination of walnuts and dates – not butter or extra sugar.  It blends into  gorgeous combination of sticky crunch.  Its a match in heaven with the creamy sweet filling.


1 250g block of cream cheese

1 400g tin of sweetened condensed milk

Juice of 2 lemons

Base which goes on top

2 cups of walnuts

1 cup of dates


1.  blend the nuts and dates together to a sticky crumbly mass and set aside.  It actually comes together well enough that if you want to squidge it together to form a base, that is perfectly ok.

2. for the filling put the cream cheese into a food processor and blend until smooth.  Add condensed milk and blend until mixed and creamy smooth.

3. add the juice and blend again until smooth.  You will see the mix thicken instantly.

4. grab 6 lovely glasses from your cupboard and divide into the glasses.  Or put the lot in the fridge to firm and dollop on a plate as in this photo.

5. grab your date mixture and sprinkle over the top.

6. variation, top with sour cherries or a little stewed rhubarb.  Exquisite.