Pimp up my bedroom

Do you flick through those gorgeous interior magazines wishing your bedroom looked like that?  Well, it’s time to declutter and turn that bedroom of yours into a sanctuary!

I suggest putting aside 1 day to declutter your bedroom and get it in order! Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Remove any items that should be stored elsewhere.
  • Remove all items from surfaces, sort and put away.
  • Clear and clean surfaces, move furniture and vacuum floor.
  • Keep decorative items out and store rest.
  • Sort all clothes, accessories, etc into categories, one drawer, shelf or section of your wardrobe at a time. Keep ‘like’ items together, e.g. shirts together, etc.
  • Go through each piece and ask yourself: do l love it, do l wear it, is it still practical? Give any clothes or accessories you no longer wear to friends or charity.
  • If you lack space, store ‘out-of-season’ items and keep only current season items in your wardrobe.
  • Put remaining items away in logical order, e.g. ‘like’ items together and colour code.
  • Finish with surfaces clean, drawers and shelves labelled and side tables organised. Vacuum floor.
  • Change linen and shout yourself some flowers for all your hard work

 If you are struggling to get motivated check out Pinterest. Lots of great ideas to inspire you!

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