Carbohydrates – I don’t need you tonight!!!

CR 2

I absolutely love long slow cooked dishes, like beef in red wine, or a spicy fish curry, or pork belly in caramel sauce or a rich tasty osso bucco.  But what I don’t like is the accompanying carbohydrate such as rice or pasta.  And to serve a slow cooked dish without a carb? – well, how are you going to soak up all of that saucy goodness?

I have a solution.  Quite by accident I was talking to a friend who spoke to me about Cauliflower Rice.   My ears pricked up.  I love vegies and I love cauliflower.  So I googled it and it’s really very simple.

The next step was to try it.  And Oh My Goodness.  It really is delicious and perfect with any slow cooked dish.  Tonight Im cooking a massaman curry and serving the cauliflower rice with it.  I can wait to tuck in and eat it.

Whilst I’m not suggesting that it completely replaces rice, sometime we need to have something starchy.  But on those nights when one wishes to cut back but craving something rich and delcious, try the cauliflower rice.   Dont take my word for it.  Here is the recipe.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you have tried it before, and what you have accompanied it with.

Happy Mothers day :).


Half Cauliflower chopped up in a food processor until it resembles rice  – be careful not to mush up too much.  Leave some texture.

CR - 1


Lots of salt and pepper


Put some oil in the pan, then your chopped cauliflower.  Stir until cooked.  Add your salt and Pepper