Think outside the sandwich


I don’t know many kids who will skip to the table at the prospect of eating a sandwich!  Eyes glaze over and said sandwich will remain on the plate untouched.  Try some simple variations below and see what happens.

Change the Bread – Or don’t use bread at all.  You can try pitta bread, bagels, tortilla wraps or even crackers or breadsticks.  You can place the fillings on the side and your child can assemble the crackers or sandwiches themselves. Try a Salad – Not lettuce and tomato but pasta or potato salad.  Cook and drain the pasta or potatoes and mix with a little mayonnaise, pesto or olive oil, add some cut up veggies such as corn kernels, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots; add some sliced turkey, chicken or ham. Pinwheels – Instead of sandwiches try pinwheels.  Cut the crust from two slices of bread, flatten bread using the back of your hand or rolling pin.  Spread thinly with cream cheese.  Place one slice of ham or smoked salmon and roll each slice into a log shape.  Wrap in cling film and place in fridge for about 30 minutes.  Unwrap and cut into pinwheel rounds.  Dip It – Kids love dipping stuff.  For an easy and nutritious lunch snack you can cut apple wedges and serve with a strawberry or peanut butter dip or cut up veggies served with a hummus dip or try a cream cheese dip.  For a more substantial lunch add pieces of pita bread, breadsticks or crackers.   Wrap and roll – this is an instant sandwich make over.  Try any filling that works.  Such as grated cheese, carrot and lettuce.  Chicken, cream cheese, shredded baby spinach. Egg and lettuce; finely shredded left over roast beef, pumpkin, cream cheese, shredded lettuce.