8 low cost high impact bathroom ideas


1. Roll up

Instead of folding towels try rolling them and placing them on a large tray or in a box for a holiday feel.


2. Light the way

Group simple candles together, either in a row or clustered together depending on your space.

single flower

3. Flowers

There’s no need to buy huge bouquets of flowers to make an impact. A single stem of your favourite bloom or even a branch with beautiful leaves placed in a jar will look understated and elegant.

4. Fragrance

Scented oils will keep the bathroom smelling divine and inviting. Choose calming or reinvigorating oils to suit your mood.

laundry basket

5. Storage

A stylish laundry basket will keep towels off the floor and keep things looking neat and tidy.


6. Potions and lotions

While it’s best to hide away unattractive bottles of half used products, empty perfume bottles and gorgeous jars grouped together look elegant and add visual interest.

7. Refills

Hand wash comes in some stunning packaging these days, look for refills to keep your favourite bottle topped up rather than buying new jars each time.


8. Art

While putting your favourite/ most valuable artwork in the bathroom may not be for you, hanging a simple framed print (even of a postcard) adds a luxe touch.