So hot its sizzling!

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Who would have thought that the humble apron could be making such a striking come back.  I’m not talking about some daggy dull thing.  But an apron with a design status all of its own.

Whether you are an apron aficionado or are new to the apron  wearing league, vintage aprons have tremendous appeal.

While authentic vintage aprons are appealing to our heritage, a new vintage-inspired apron is perfect for the challenges and victories of the modern kitchen.

Before you think “oh no this stinks of the olden days of women’s work, ponder for a moment….

EllynAnne Geisel,  author of The Apron Book: Making, Wearing and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort, argues that “the unforgiving work schedules that have threatened domestic life to near extinction today have conversely made the apron a symbol of respite – at least for some women”.

“I look at the home as a cocoon from the chaos that has become our daily lives,” Geisel says, pointing to the enormous popularity of home and cooking networks as well as domestic divas like Nigella Lawson.

“Young women are saying, ‘Show me how. I want to learn. I want to revive that gene inside of me.'”

Livesay suggests that hard financial times also helped resuscitate the apron: “We’re seeing people going back to the home and making things for themselves and for others. Maybe it’s for extra income, gift-giving or going back to the things that we love to do, to remind us of happier times.”

Indeed, modern apron-wearers are hardly slugging it over a washboard like their predecessors. When you’re getting appetizers out of the oven and serving drinks, it’s nice to have something on that’s not ugly!

Check out our range of gorgeous flirty aprons designed by Kay Trembath.  In 2009, Kay and her Mum, Heather, started the Crumbz apron label. The idea came from Kay’s wish to do something different from her consultancy business and to indulge her interests in fabrics and fashion. Together they have created a bright, colourful and interesting range of aprons.

Check out part of the gorgeous range below, all available at Bed Love Home.  And there are designs for men also!

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