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Preparing for house guests

Creating space for guests in your home involves more than providing a comfortable place to sleep; it’s an opportunity to make people feel welcome and ensure that their time spent with you is… Continue reading

Nine ways to update your bedroom in a weekend

1. Bright idea One of the most inexpensive items that really packs a punch is matching table lamps. To save money, simply replace your original shade – adding a vintage piece adds real… Continue reading

The naked truth on egyptian cotton sheets – how to spot a fake

Prior to launching Bed Love Home, I spent four years researching Egyptian cotton and speaking to manufactures around the world.  During that process I discovered three key ways to spot a fake. 1.… Continue reading

Pillow Poet

I love it when if find amazing, unique producers who are really making a statement.  ie the exact opposite of mass produced junk!.  The latest product I have found is Pillow Poet pillow… Continue reading

Strip my closet!

This picture is my dream closet.  Alas, not all closets can be this gorgeous and this LARGE. In closets, as in life, less is more. Specifically, the 80-20 rule applies: we wear 20%… Continue reading

Do you like these PJ’s?

At Bed Love Home, we are a luxury sheet company at our core.  I’m now branching out into comfy but cute PJ’s.  These are the two designs I’m looking at and would love… Continue reading

Make your bedroom a work of art

Bedrooms are where we go to rest and relax. That can be hard to do if your clothes are strewn all over and your jewellery is tangled. Restore order while maintaining a beautiful… Continue reading

Pimp up my bedroom

Do you flick through those gorgeous interior magazines wishing your bedroom looked like that?  Well, it’s time to declutter and turn that bedroom of yours into a sanctuary! I suggest putting aside 1… Continue reading

Favourite shabby chic bedrooms.

Hotel getaway

Dreaming of a comfy, cozy room your guests can call their own? Transform an extra room into a hotel style getaway for your guests with little luxuries that are sure to pamper and… Continue reading