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Preparing for house guests

Creating space for guests in your home involves more than providing a comfortable place to sleep; it’s an opportunity to make people feel welcome and ensure that their time spent with you is… Continue reading

24 tips for a beautiful life

1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day & while you walk, SMILE. It is the ultimate antidepressant. 2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. 3. When you wake… Continue reading

Things I hope my son will say…

I was lucky enough to come across a beautiful post a while ago.   35 things a father hopes his child will say about him.  I copied the content intending to publish at a… Continue reading

7 ways to beat that afternoon slump…

If you’re like many people, shortly after lunch your head begins  buzzing, your concentration plummets, your eyes droop and the top of  your desk begins to look as cozy as a feather mattress.… Continue reading

Bleach, are you kidding me?

Many people shy away from bleach but it’s safe, most chlorine bleaches break down harmlessly into salts and water and the environmental authorities regard the effects of chlorine bleach upon water systems as… Continue reading

So hot its sizzling!

Who would have thought that the humble apron could be making such a striking come back.  I’m not talking about some daggy dull thing.  But an apron with a design status all of… Continue reading

I Love Paris

Sometimes you need a little French Luxe in your life.  We search the net for our favourite and most inspiring French interiors. Wall paper at its most stylish. The naked ensuite. A few rustic key… Continue reading

How to host the perfect party in 6 easy steps

We search the net for the best tips on hosting the perfect party. 1. Ditch the DJ Nervous about playing DJ all night (and subjecting yourself to the silent judgment of that opinionated… Continue reading

Is technology overload making you dummer?

How do you get everything done that you need to, with the constant distraction of technology.  If you are worried that spending all day answering text messages and opening e-mails is making you… Continue reading

Turn off the world – light a naked flame

The magic of the humble naked flame. One of the more powerful ways to enjoy the beauty of candlelight is during a moment of stillness and solitude, when you turn off the world and… Continue reading