So hot its sizzling!

Who would have thought that the humble apron could be making such a striking come back.  I’m not talking about some daggy dull thing.  But an apron with a design status all of… Continue reading

I Love Paris

Sometimes you need a little French Luxe in your life.  We search the net for our favourite and most inspiring French interiors. Wall paper at its most stylish. The naked ensuite. A few rustic key… Continue reading

8 low cost high impact bathroom ideas

1. Roll up Instead of folding towels try rolling them and placing them on a large tray or in a box for a holiday feel. 2. Light the way Group simple candles together,… Continue reading

Nine ways to update your bedroom in a weekend

1. Bright idea One of the most inexpensive items that really packs a punch is matching table lamps. To save money, simply replace your original shade – adding a vintage piece adds real… Continue reading

Staggering drama of the humble curtain…

Who would have thought that the humble curtain can create such fabulous drama in the home.   What do you think.? Shop bed Love home

The naked truth on egyptian cotton sheets – how to spot a fake

Prior to launching Bed Love Home, I spent four years researching Egyptian cotton and speaking to manufactures around the world.  During that process I discovered three key ways to spot a fake. 1.… Continue reading

Think outside the sandwich

I don’t know many kids who will skip to the table at the prospect of eating a sandwich!  Eyes glaze over and said sandwich will remain on the plate untouched.  Try some simple… Continue reading

Rainy day activities to keep you sane

Suze English shares her top tips for rainy day activities. Rainy days can have even the most hands-on mum begging for a break, but they need not be stress-filled or cabin-fevered! Don’t feel… Continue reading

How to host the perfect party in 6 easy steps

We search the net for the best tips on hosting the perfect party. 1. Ditch the DJ Nervous about playing DJ all night (and subjecting yourself to the silent judgment of that opinionated… Continue reading

The anywhere chair – we likey!

The perfect anywhere chair is here!  I recently had the absolute pleasure of road testing this gorgeous funky Mocka Britta Chair which is not only affordable, but is able to fit into any formal… Continue reading