Pillow Poet

I love it when if find amazing, unique producers who are really making a statement.  ie the exact opposite of mass produced junk!.  The latest product I have found is Pillow Poet pillow… Continue reading

Great food fast!

Have you seen how gorgeous the new Bosch pastel MUM5 Kitchen Machines are?  One of these would look so pretty on my kitchen counter! Bosch shares with the Bed Love Home community, its… Continue reading

Is technology overload making you dummer?

How do you get everything done that you need to, with the constant distraction of technology.  If you are worried that spending all day answering text messages and opening e-mails is making you… Continue reading

Saturday night Curry

Ian Herbie Hemphill of “Herbies Spices” shares with Bed Love Home his amazing recipe for “Saturday Night Curry” and teams with us to give away a complete spice pack to make this amazing curry. … Continue reading

Raw creamed coconut “candy”

Quite by accident I stumbled upon “creamed coconut” at my friends house.  Let me say this very clearly.  Creamed coconut is a little jar of heaven!.  It’s an intense hit of creamy, rich… Continue reading

Artful vases from scrap…

I love DIY and transforming stuff I have at home into something great.   This is one of my favourites, transform everyday bottles or jars into elegant vases by coating their interiors with glass enamel. How?… Continue reading

Raw Vegan Chocolate…… YUM

What you need I was given this recipe from Pauline Hanuise of Holistic Health and Recovery Coaching.  Whilst I’m not vegan by any means, I do like the fact that this chocolate recipe… Continue reading

Turn off the world – light a naked flame

The magic of the humble naked flame. One of the more powerful ways to enjoy the beauty of candlelight is during a moment of stillness and solitude, when you turn off the world and… Continue reading

8 things to eat to boost your mood

Number 1: Walnuts Arizona State University researchers reported that high intakes of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a form of omega-3 fat found in walnuts, flaxseed and chia seed, can keep you feeling chipper.  Eating… Continue reading

What to eat to prevent colds and flu

Don’t underestimate the power of food to help keep you healthy—researchers are finding more and more edible solutions to everyday ailments. 1. Give heartier fare a healthy dose of prevention by regularly including… Continue reading