Egg and Bacon Pie

The Egg and Bacon Pie smacks of retro”ism”, but how delicous is it.  Definitely the pefect weather now to tuck into one of these: Ingredients: 4 rindless bacon rashers, chopped 2 sheets shortcrust pastry,… Continue reading

Cheesecake to go

We discovered this Cheesecake recipe from top food blogger “Dinner for (n)one”.  It looks ridiculously delicious – a little glass jar of heaven. Follow the link for the full recipe: Return to… Continue reading

Will decluttering really change my life?

Yes! It will. A cluttered house is stressful, even if you don’t realise it. According to international ‘soulful decluttering’ expert Barry Dennis excess clutter and possessions causes stress and tips your life out… Continue reading

The rebirth of wallpaper, who would have thought

I kinda love wallpaper, so I did some research on the best uses of wallpaper other than to cover a wall.  I think these ideas are super and certainly a great decorative costsaver. … Continue reading

Strip my closet!

This picture is my dream closet.  Alas, not all closets can be this gorgeous and this LARGE. In closets, as in life, less is more. Specifically, the 80-20 rule applies: we wear 20%… Continue reading

Want optimal performance in your meeting tomorrow?

The correlation between food and mental performance is widely recognised.  Consider consuming these items on a regular basis to enhance your performance at the office. Avoid any form of sugar – in biscuits, cakes,… Continue reading

Do you like these PJ’s?

At Bed Love Home, we are a luxury sheet company at our core.  I’m now branching out into comfy but cute PJ’s.  These are the two designs I’m looking at and would love… Continue reading

Sleep better: eat these 5 foods

Because I’m in the sleep industry, many people ask me for tips on how to enhance their sleep.  Whilst this can depend on many things, stress being the most obvious, one of the… Continue reading

Make your bedroom a work of art

Bedrooms are where we go to rest and relax. That can be hard to do if your clothes are strewn all over and your jewellery is tangled. Restore order while maintaining a beautiful… Continue reading

Carbohydrates – I don’t need you tonight!!!

I absolutely love long slow cooked dishes, like beef in red wine, or a spicy fish curry, or pork belly in caramel sauce or a rich tasty osso bucco.  But what I don’t… Continue reading