Top five tips to declutter your life

1. Schedule Some Time 2. Concentrate On One Place 3. Tackle Something Each Day 4. Keep Up Your Enthusiasm 5. Don’t Undo Your Good Work

Super easy silky chocolate sauce

Here is the first of my “less than five ingredients” recipes.  It’s an amazing chocolate sauce – silky and sexy.  It’s super easy and uses great healthy ingredients.  I havn’t measured any of… Continue reading

Can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen!!!

I’m super excited to have guest blogger Alexx Stuart provide some ridiculously simple techniquest to save time and motion in the kitchen.   Alexx Stuart is a passionate advocate for Real Food and Low Tox… Continue reading

Naked peanut butter chocolate cups

Two of my two favourite naughty treats in life are peanut butter and chocolate.  I love those Reeses peanut butter cups.  But the list of ingredients is long, unreadable and with lots of… Continue reading

Minimalism, not a dirty word…

Since expanding Bed Love Home to include an “organisational arm” where we help families and individuals reclaim their space and simplify their lives, I have been doing a lot of research on minimalism or… Continue reading

Pimp up my bedroom

Do you flick through those gorgeous interior magazines wishing your bedroom looked like that?  Well, it’s time to declutter and turn that bedroom of yours into a sanctuary! I suggest putting aside 1… Continue reading

What does your internal mirror say

This video was forwarded to me by Random Olio and I just had to repost.  It is the Dove Campaign: “Real Beauty Sketches.” I’m a little reluctant to watch beauty style videos,  but I… Continue reading

Favourite shabby chic bedrooms.

Hotel getaway

Dreaming of a comfy, cozy room your guests can call their own? Transform an extra room into a hotel style getaway for your guests with little luxuries that are sure to pamper and… Continue reading

Banana choc chip fudgy cake

I can whip this cake up on 5 minutes flat.  Easy, delicious and great for a breakfast treat. 2.5 cups self raising flour 1/2 sugar 1/2 cup oil 2 eggs, separated 1 large… Continue reading